Strategies for Commercialization Track Subcommittee

Simon Ellison, MBA, Co-Chair
World Courier
London, United Kingdom

Julie Allickson, PhD, MS, MT(ASCP)
Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Winston-Salem, NC, United States

Dolores Baksh, PhD
Boston, MA, United States

Gerhard Bauer, PhD
UC Davis
Sacramento, CA, United States

Dominic Clarke, PhD
Winston-Salem, NC, United States

Mark Flower, BS
Be The Match BioTherapies
Minneapolis, MN, United States

Miguel Forte, MD, PhD
Zelluna Immunotherapy
Oslo, Norway

Anthony Ting, PhD, Co-Chair
Cleveland, OH, United States

Antonio Lee, PhD
Rockville, MD, United States

Michael May, PhD
Toronto, ON, Canada

Ruth McDermott, PhD, MBA
Sartorius Stedim Biotech
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Bill Milligan
Steminent Biotherapeutics
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Julie Murrell, PhD
Bedford, MA, United States

Patrick Rivers
Aquilo Capital
San Francisco, CA, United States