Your Social Toolkit

Are you excited for ISCT 2021?

Network with peers Build your own banner Engage on social media
Let’s build consensus together. 

Build Your Own Banner

1) Download the relevant template below.
2) Open the file in PowerPoint, or Google Slides.
3) Replace editable areas (you can use CTRL-A to highlight all such areas) with text and images of your choice
4) Then, within your program, use “Save As” and save the file as an image (we recommend PNG/JPG file format)
5) To upload to social media, create a post on Twitter or LinkedIn, and drag and drop the image from your computer to the post. 

Sponsors & Exhibitors



#ISCT5KRun • Keep Your Cells Running!

Join members of your ISCT community from around the world in walking, running, or cycling a 5 KM distance anytime between May 24 and June 4. While we are not in New Orleans running the Mississippi River, ISCT 2021 delegates are encouraged to get active in your local area and embrace the ISCT spirit, KEEP YOUR CELLS RUNNING!

Share your activity on Twitter #ISCT5KRun and join the ISCT 5K Run Club on Strava to log your KMs for a chance to win some ISCT prizes!

#ISCT2021AvatarChallenge • Prepare Your Avatar

This year, we’ve got the same groundbreaking virtual platform – and an all-new environment.
Prepare your avatar and take place in the #ISCT2021AvatarChallenge with peers around the globe. 

Create Your Avatar

1) Ensure that you have a full height picture available. A plain background is preferable

2) To remove the background, you can use an online tool like: 

3) Upload the image, and the website will automatically try to recognize and remove the background.

4) Download the resulting image as a PNG file (important!). 

Place Your Avatar

5) To place your avatar, download the appropriate environment of your choice from above (click to open an image, then right-click it and save) 

6) Then, you can open the environment in any image editing software (Paint, Powerpoint) of your choice. 

7) Drag and drop your avatar where you would like to be positioned, and resize to appropriate height within the environment

8) Welcome to ISCT 2021 New Orleans VIRTUAL!