Poster Instructions

Deadline to Submit Your Poster: May 6 

Congratulations on having had your abstract accepted for a Poster Presentation! Below you will find information on the Virtual Poster Hall and guidelines to help you develop and submit your poster.

As part of the Virtual Lobby of the ISCT 2021 New Orleans VIRTUAL Meeting, delegates can visit the Poster Hall to view posters and engage with presenters. The live chat feature allows delegates to ask questions to presenters on their research and to receive responses in real time.

To replicate the interactive environment of an in-person meeting, Poster Presenters are encouraged to annotate their poster with a two-minute elevator pitch to provide background context and additional relevant information. Meeting delegates will have the opportunity to watch the two-minute elevator pitch presentation when they view an annotated poster!

$1,000 Cytotherapy Elevator Pitch Award
Meeting delegates are asked to vote on their favorite two-minute elevator pitch. The poster annotated with the two-minute elevator pitch that obtains the most votes will receive a $1,000 Elevator Pitch Award sponsored by Cytotherapy, the official journal of ISCT.

General Guidelines for all Posters

    • Deadline to submit poster is May 6, 2021
    • One single PowerPoint Slide
    • 16:9 aspect ratio, landscape mode (example template may be downloaded here)
    • Include your email address in the top right-hand corner of your poster to enable attendees and other attendees to connect with you if you are not logged in at the time.  Attendees are also able to chat with your directly via the online platform when you are logged into the ISCT 2021 New Orleans Virtual Meeting
    • As the poster is digital, we encourage you to provide links and any supporting videos you may have to enhance your poster content. Please ensure hyperlinks are formatted to open in a new window

Guidelines for Annotated Posters (eligible for $1,000 Cytotherapy Elevator Pitch Award)

    • Video must be no longer than two minutes
    • Video must be saved as mp4 file
    • Click here for instruction video on annotating a PowerPoint slide (written instructions below)

Guidelines for Non-Annotated Posters

    • Must be saved as a PDF file

Upload Instructions for all Posters:

    • Upload mp4 or PDF file here by May 6.
    • Please include your poster number, first name and last name in the file name
      (Poster#X _FirstName_LastName)

Annotating a PowerPoint Slide – Instructions:

  1. How to record:
    • Open the PowerPoint slide you will present on (your Poster)
    • Select Slide ShowRecord Slide Show
    • Select Record from Beginning
    • When you are ready, select Recordand start speaking

  1. How to manage the recording:
    • There are different ways to manage recordings in your presentation:
      • Pause– to pause a recording
        • Upon pressing record, the recording begins at the time the presentation was paused
      • Stop– to end a recording
        • Upon pressing record, the recording begins at the start of the presentation
      • Replay– to listen to and watch your recording
    • Laser Pointer, PenHighlighter, or Eraser– use these tools to mark up your recording and draw the attention of delegates to the relevant information on your poster

  1. How to remove narration or timings:
    • You can remove narration or timings from your slide if you are dissatisfied with your presentation
    • If you are in record mode, select Clear > Clear Recording on Current Slide

  1. How to save a recording:
    • When you are done recording, save and share your presentation as an mp4 file
    • Select File > Save as
    • Include your poster number, first name, and last name in the file name (Poster#X_FirstName_LastName)
    • Select to save the file as an MPEG-4 Video (mp4)

Dedicated Poster Hall Times:
Your poster will be made accessible during the preconference day (May 25), during the Annual Meeting (May 26-28), and with enduring access until December 31st

To maximize engagement opportunities between poster presenters and attendees, ISCT will be allocating dedicated Poster Hall times for delegates to engage with you live about your poster. These dedicated hours will be organized by region so that Poster Presenters are able to connect with delegates at a suitable time.

Avoidance of Marketing or Promotion
ISCT requests that presenters avoid the use of trade names and logos for drugs, devices and/or instrumentation in these scientific sessions and to use generic names, where possible. Presentation content will be well-balanced, will be based on generally accepted scientific principles and methods, and will not promote a commercial interest.