The ISCT 2021 Abstract Supplement is Here
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Navigating ISCT 2021 – Delegate Guidelines

ISCT 2021 is around the corner and posters are up in the Virtual Poster Hall. Starting on Tuesday May 25, presenters will be at their booths to engage with delegates to discuss their research and its implications for the field!

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Navigating ISCT 2021 – Poster Presenter Guidelines

From the Poster Hall, delegates can access 13 Poster Booths, the ISCT Awards Showcase, and the Cytotherapy Abstract Supplement. During two dedicated Poster Hall Sessions and throughout the meeting, poster presenters will be active at their booths to field questions from delegates and discuss their work.

To be active at a booth, the poster presenter needs to be online on the ISCT 2021 platform. This means that presenters can visit other booths, the Exhibit Hall, pre-recorded content, and even LIVE sessions, while remaining available to discuss their poster.

Delegates enter a booth by clicking into a category of abstracts.  

Poster Booths

All ISCT 2021 posters are hosted at a Poster Booth, with each booth corresponding to an abstract category.

Poster presenters will be notified when a delegate enters their booth. The delegate can initiate a discussion with the presenter by clicking on the
‘Chat With a Poster Presenter’ tile. If the presenter is at the booth, a green icon appears by their name.


Poster presenters now have the ability to launch a video chat with a delegate at their booth. This new feature replicates the environment of an in-person
meeting and provides an opportunity to engage delegates in an in-depth discussion on the presented work. 

Video chats are capped at ten minutes so that other delegates have a chance to chat with you.  

Connect with Poster Authors

Dedicated Poster Hall hours allow delegates to connect LIVE with poster presenters in the ISCT 2021 New Orleans VIRTUAL Meeting platform. Browse posters, watch elevator-pitches and videos, and connect directly with poster presenters through text and video to discuss their novel research.

While posters will remain accessible during the entire conference, poster presenters will be available to chat live during the dedicated hours to answer your questions.

Poster Session I – 12:30-14:00 EDT
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Poster Session II – 20:00-21:30 EDT
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ISCT 2021 Networking & Partnering Platform

The ISCT 2021 Networking & Partnering Platform is an additional hub in which poster presenters can schedule meetings.

  1. Each individual abstract is accessible through the platform
  2. Delegates can request to schedule meetings with presenters and other delegates
  3. Presenters’ profiles are linked to abstracts so it is easy for delegates interested in your work to contact you
  4. Presenters can use the platform to schedule meetings with other presenters and delegates

Head over to the ISCT 2021 Networking & Partnering Platform, pick your time zone, set your availabilities, and meet your peers.

Click here for additional information

Cytotherapy Corner

Cytotherapy®, the Official Journal of ISCT, provides an excellent forum to disseminate your research to the global cell and gene therapy community. 

Meet with Patrick Hanley, Cytotherapy® Commissioning Editor, at ISCT 2021 and ask him how you can publish your research in one of the
premier CGT translation journals.

You can meet Patrick at the ISCT Booth in the Exhibit Hall during Poster Session I
Poster Session I – 12:30-14:00 EDT
What time is this for me?

Send Patrick an email to schedule a meeting with him at ISCT 2021: